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Question by LewisT: Has anyone used an seo company and do they even help?
I’m getting calls from companies offering their services. My brother-in-law said he used one and it helped. Just want to see if it’s worth it.

Best answer:

Answer by SEOMaster
There isn’t many SEO companies out there that actually deliver. I have been doing SEO myself for over 8 years now, and no from experience if you want something done right do it yourself. Just simply purchase some backlinks, and a couple of other services. There is 2 main companies i use and i listed them below i use one for keyword optimization, and Rep management which is and I use the other to buy backlinks, both have always done me good. Hope this helps!

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Question by JMothaFukinPipes: Is search engine college a good program?
Do their certifications mean something in the business world? Is it helpful or should I be reading elsewhere? I would like either an experienced SEO or an SEC Alumni to answer please.

Best answer:

Answer by eli porter
No there are no established SEO certifications, also keep in mind that 99% of SEO and “social media” experts are worthless. SEO for some reason is very misunderstood and there are wildly varying claims to be able to achieve success with all sorts of crazy tricks. The truth of the matter is there are guidelines and basic rules of thumb to take into consideration but at the end of the day no secret tips or tricks are going to get a small rarely visited website to the top page of google in a major keyword, content is what will bring it there ultimately.

But not I would NOT pay for this or any SEO “training” everything you need to know is avaliable freely and regardless there are no industry certifications, please always give much thought to ever handing money to SEO or social media experts, these are skills most web developers (should) have on their own.

remember there are NO industry certifications, so no company is going to say “oh, you have a certification from this company that made it themselves”, they are goign to ask “what can you do…”

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Question by PrettyEskimo: Trying to find a good book or articles and more information on Natural Search Optimization?
What’s the best site(s) for the most up to date info on keywords, tips, tricks and secret words… blogging, splogging, glogging

Best answer:

Answer by netthiefx
I would think natural search optimization refers to the kind of tactic that allows these things to fall into place on their own, without further manipulation.

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