Commercial blind fitting in London

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When decorating an office space, many business owners think about desks, internet and computers, but what many business owners do not always realise is what kind of impression office decors can make with their employees, clients or customers.

Office furniture may have a much greater impact on your business than you may think. The way you furnish should be to send a message to your employees as well as your customers.

  1. Leave a lasting effect on your customers

The overall appearance of your office is going to make an impression on your potential as well as existing customers or clients. Any one particular aspect of your office furniture may have an impact so you need to put some thoughts into furnishing your office.

One of the first things you need to consider when furnishing an office is blinds. Whether you decide to choose vertical blinds, wooden venetian blinds, aluminium venetian blinds, roller blinds, or just about any other type, you can be sure that it’s going to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Ensuring you have blinds that complements your working environment will help to ensure this impression is a good one. Overlooking any aspect of your office decor, whether it’s the curtains, the flooring or the walls, may result in your office looking messy which is not an impression you want to leave your customers with.

  1. Impressions on your business & employees

While some of your customers may be some of the toughest critics to please, they are not the only people you need to keep happy.

One main thing you should consider is the comfort of your employees. Chances are that the atmosphere (such as the lighting and temperature) is subject to change around your office, so it’s important that your blinds not only look good, but also function to create shade, allow natural light and even insulate. Ensure your office environment is a good place to work.

A good set of venetian blinds, for instance, can be tilted to reduce glare from the sun on computer screens. It can keep extremely bright sunlight out while still allowing the natural light to filter into your office. Natural light is essential to morale, so can ultimately lead to a more productive working environment.

In addition to keeping your employees happy, blinds can also have an impact on your office temperature. If you know your office gets cold during the winter months, a set of insulating blinds will help to retain heat, stop drafts and could even save your business money on energy bills. For the summer, you can create shade that will stop your office and employees overheating in direct sunlight.

Internally, simple roller blinds on glass fronted offices or conference rooms, can also be an effective way to add privacy.

  1. Minimum Maintenance for Blinds

An important thing to consider is the amount of maintenance required for the blinds you select. Before you make a purchase, you should discuss the decision with your blinds supplier to determine how much cleaning would be needed.

There are often a range of different cleaning options for each type of blind. You can hand clean or dust some blinds while others might need a vacuum cleaner, and some might even need to be removed completely for a thorough cleaning to maintain them.
Office Blinds Contractors in London Area

It’s often a good idea to just let professionals help you out with your blinds requirement. For office blinds in London you should check out Envorscreen company. Enviroscreen have been London’s most experienced and competent solar shading contractor since 1994. Get help with the commercial blind fitting for your office and you wil be happy that you did.

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