How Internet Marketing Can Help Business During Covid-19

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Many of the major online retailers have seen their business quadruple during the COVID pandemic. Amazon, Walmart, and may delivery service apps such as Instacart and postmasters have been raking in the money. If you have an eCommerce store or a website set up, your business is ready to take advantage of this market.

I don’t mean to come off sounding cold or callous because I’m not. I understand the severity of this virus and know there may people hoarding and taking advantage of people. I do not condone this, nor is this what the purpose of this article. The article is to explain how internet marketing can boost your sales, especially during a time like this.

The Importance of Internet Marketing and How It Can Help A Business Grow

This article will explain the importance of internet marketing and how it can help your business grow even during the COVID-19 outbreak. There are many digital marketing channels, but not all will be effective for your business type. You will need to figure out what services would work best for your company. To save yourself the time and costs of not having to go through the trial and error process, you can go higher a professional.

Digital Marketing Channels

Provided below are the digital marketing channels that make sense to focus on during this time.

PPC (pay-per-click marketing) is an efficient way to drive qualified leads and traffic quickly to your site. For those of you who don’t know, PPC marketing is bid-based. You find keywords that provide relevant traffic and bid on systems such as Google Adwords to bring search traffic to your site. Sounds easy right well it’s not that simple.

Let’s Focus on Google Adwords

There are other sites you can do pay-per-click marketing on, but I will focus on Google since they are the biggest search engine in the world and provide the most traffic. For Google, you will have to set up an account, do the keyword research, place a bid amount for each keyword, and create ads that people want to click. To be placed on higher and reduce bid costs. Google has a quality score that involves ad relevance, bid amount, and click-through rate. Often landing pages are required to help with the relevancy and click-through rate. I told you it wasn’t so simple.

Local SEO Marketing

Internet marketing methodsNext up is SEO marketing, but in particular, I would like to focus on local SEO since this type of work can take time before seeing rankings. It generally takes less time to rank a site through local SEO marketing. This type of marketing involves choosing your local city and rank keywords that drive traffic to your website. SEO marketing is very technical and probably shouldn’t be done by novices, primarily if you are relying on that income.

There are three major components to SEO onsite, offsite, and speed optimization. Onsite deals with all technical issues with your website and optimizing it rank better within the major search engines. Offsite SEO consists of acquiring quality relevant backlinks with the right anchor text usage. Speed optimization involves making your website load faster. If you are genuinely looking to bring relevant traffic as quickly as possible, let a professional help you out.

Opt-In Email Marketing

The last marketing channel I would put my efforts towards is email marketing, but this only works if you already have an opt-in list.  You could cold email or use a bought list, but that is not an area of my expertise. I only focus on using opt-in lists because they perform better, and you don’t run the risk of getting in trouble for spamming. I would suggest using an email provider, such as Mailchimp. Their costs are reasonable, and they have a good platform. You need to come up with a creative promotional email that is well designed. Upload your scrubbed list and send it at the best time for viewership.

I hope the article was helpful and remember if you need help with marketing, don’t hesitate to find a professional.

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