Facebook fan page marketing to gain more fan page likes

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Is there any media channel other than Facebook that can expose your business to over one billion people, target exactly the demographic you wish and have direct communication with your customers?

Any business either big or small should consider advertising on Facebook. It’s a great opportunity for a company to make online sales, get a following around the brand, create a platform where customers can discuss the products and, when done successfully, let people spread the word about your qualities.

Online Sales or Attracting Likes

It’s important to think through what you want to achieve with your Facebook business strategy. Is your goal to make ads and drive traffic to your website? Maybe a web shop where visitors can make a purchase or maybe you want to drive traffic to a Facebook fan page where visitors can “like” what you do? If latter, you should Get More Facebook Likes From Buy-Cheap-Social.

In most cases a combination may be the best choice. Just make sure your primary reasons for being on Facebook is clear before you start working.

Online Sales

This is a facile way to advertise your business on Facebook. You make traditional external-website ads and when someone clicks through, he or she is directed to your web page. This method of using Facebook for business advertising has proven to be very successful for many companies. And when you do it, you’ll get the results right away. Just compare how much you spend on Facebook ads to the revenue and you’ll know whether or not you need to tweak your campaign in any way.

However, when doing external-website ads you may miss out on the social aspects what Facebook is made up of. And don’t forget that “liking” is the fortitude of social network.

Attracting Likes

Businesses may see better results by first sending visitors to a fan page where they have to like the page to see the offer. After that, they can click through to the web page to make a purchase.

By doing your advertising in these three steps, you can combine brand making with sales. However, main reason for being of Facebook for many companies is just to get a fan base. It might be a physical shop, say, a restaurant, a clothing store or any company that’s on Facebook primarily to raise brand awareness.

In that case, ads directly to the website might not be the best choice. Instead you want people to like your Facebook fan page where you can talk to them, run contests, arrange polls or other activities your customers want to engage in.

The goal is to have active fans that spread the word about you to their friends, which in the end can be a cost-effective solution for any business.

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

On the contrary to popular belief, online-business marketing on Facebook benefits small, traditional retailers the most.

To succeed in small-business marketing on Facebook you don’t need to run a modern IT company. Major benefit with Internet marketing for small business is that it allows you to compete with larger corporations.

If you offer a niche product or service, you might even have a competitive advantage. A large business will not have time to focus in depth on a particular niche.

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